Welcome to MyShowman

If this is your first time using MyShowman you will need to register using your email address, this should be the email address you used to enter at the Show Office or Online.

You must have access to this email account as you will receive a confirmation email containing a validation code. You also need to make sure that the Show Office has this email address.

MyShowman will allow you to access your Show Account on your phone or PC at any time. Each Show will remain available for you to view for 45 days after the show has finished. You will also be able access any show that is due to start in the next 10 days.
e.g. todays date is 18/09/2021
       - Shows between 04/08/2021 and 28/09/2021 will be available.

You can review your Account, find out your placing, where you are in a drawn order class and view the live class status.

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